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 SW110-P Carling SPST footswitch, can be used in Fender®
etc. reverb/trem/channel switching pedals
 SW110-PM Carling momentary  
 SW112-P Carling SPDT footswitch, used in
Electro Harmonix effects pedals etc.
 SW316-PP Carling DPDT footswitch, used in many
effects and switching units
 Blue 3PDT Blue 3PDT footswitch
great for true bypass (solder lugs)
 EH-4PDT Super bypass 4pole/double throw push button switch.
Controls up to 4 circuit paths (pcb pins)
 China DPDT pushbutton switch DPDT, solder lugs
 Black DPDT pushbutton switch DPDT, PCB pins
 Black 3PDT pushbutton switch 3PDT, PCB pins
for true bypass, small dimensions
sw110-p sw110-pm sw112-p dpdt-ch
sw316-pp blue 3pdt eh-4pdt black 3pdt

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