CL1298A BJ101 jack Mono input jack, 4 solder lugs, switched.
Vintage type with metal ferrule.
 CL1310 CL1310 Mono input jack, 4 PCB terminals,
 switched. Vintage type with metal ferrule.
 CL1169 CL1169 Mono input jack, 4 PC board
terminals, switched.
Modern Marshall® type.
 CL1220A CL1220 Stereo Input jack, 6 solder lugs,
switched. Modern Marshall® type.
 CL1422-xx CL1423 (white), CL1424 (blue), CL1425 (yellow), CL1428 (green), CL1430 (red) For CL1310 (and BJ101)
Available colors: white, green
red, yellow, blue
 CL1416-xx CL1416 For CL1169/1220A (and BJ102/103 etc.)
Available colors: white,
green, yellow, blue

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